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This is an experimental mix of random recordings, noises collected from 2001-2003 of synths, samples, cut-ups, effects and such mix-mastered to DAT and then transferred digitally in 2012 for release.
There was a heaping pile of recordings produced at 5AM around this time, some live recordings, media samples that did not survive the various moves and crashed DATs and CD recorders. Media used was cassette, DAT, MD, CDr and vinyl.
In the midst of various electro and percussion-oriented material being produced at the time, projects like this were necessary to "decompress" and use a bit of chaos to "reset" psychically. By no means is this meant to be a "pleasurable" listen; as the cover art suggests, the attempt was to merge/reorganize perceptions of "beauty" and "ugliness", or as a homage to various anti-music and industrial music artists that have inspired much of my work.
Included are sounds from TradeMark Gunderson: spoken word, textures, flutes and bird songs. As a sound collector and famous copyright infringer, i hope he appreciates me ripping it off...and certainly look into The ECC's works, also.


released August 23, 2012

compiled/mixed/processed and additional noises, radio and homemade tom by Stevey Seven at 5AM 2003
Royce Icon: guitar and effects box
TradeMark Gunderson: additional samples and cut-ups ("Burning Corn" soundtrack 2001)




tactil vision Columbus, Ohio

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